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10 Ways To Prevent Rats From Taking Over Your Home

Rats are unwelcome guests in any home and once an infestation starts, they are hard to eradicate. They are capable of causing major damage and also transmit harmful diseases. Fortunately, there are numerous effective ways to keep rodents from infiltrating your space. In this blog, we’ll explore ten practical strategies that you need to follow to permanently keep these rats out of your house. Taking these proactive measures will help in keeping these beasts at bay leading to a clean and secure rodent-free environment. And if you notice more than one rat in your home, instantly take rat control Perth services.

1. Seal any cracks, gaps, and holes

Rats can squeeze through any open gap, hole or crack, they just need an entryway to create chaos into your property and eat delicious food. Search your house for any openings or locations where utility lines pass through the walls and fix them up appropriately with materials such as plaster, cement, caulk, hardware cloth, steel wool, and caulk. This is one of the best ways to prevent rats from entering your property. 

2. Rodent-proofing windows, vents and doors

Rats can make their way into your home through vents, doors and windows. For keeping rats at bay, use weather strips in doors and windows, or install kick plates and door sweeps. Place hardware cloth over your chimneys so that rats don’t slide into your property. To keep rodents from entering the vents, utilise metal grills and rust-proof screens. Exterior vertical pipes should have metal guards inside them. Rats cannot climb through the pipes if the metal guards are constructed from sturdy metal sheets.

3. Get Rid of Food Sources 

Rats are clever animals as they will easily locate food sources at your home. If you see torn packaging, droppings in food grains, and spilled food items chances are rats have made their marking into your home. You’ll have to be vigilant at all times and cover your food items with tight containers. Open garbage cans also provide easy access for rats to come into your abode, therefore, they should be covered at all times. 

If your garden has trees filled with fruits, pick the fruits as soon as they ripen, don’t let them stay on the ground for a longer time. Feeding your pet in the lawn or garden should be done with caution as leaving traces of pet food will attract rats. When seeking food, rodents will enter via any available openings, therefore restraining their access to food sources. 

4. Eliminate the Potential Nesting Places 

Eliminating someone’s place to call a home might feel terrible but you’ll not feel an inch of emotion when removing the spots for potential nesting of these creatures. If you have any old storage cardboard boxes or old appliances lying in your basement or attic, throw them away immediately. The stock of wood and timber should not be stored at home, but if you need those piles, keep them at least 18 inches above the ground and about a foot or so away from fences and walls. 

5.  Trim the Grass Regularly 

One more secret hiding spot for rats is the dense foliage. Trim your grass and bushes regularly so that the rats don’t even have the chance to stealthily enter your home. Weeds can also be there in your garden or shed, so remove them immediately, as rats also feed on weeds. Grow bushes and shrubs at least four feet away from your home. 

6. Place Traps Within your property 

After taking Rodent Pest Control Perth services, you do not want rats to enter again. Rats may be caught within your house using a variety of commercially available traps that pose no threat to children or pets. There are various traps such as snap traps, cage traps, glue traps etc. Keep the traps in areas which are highly accessible for rats to make their nests like the kitchen, behind equipment, or beneath the furniture so that they are efficient. You can also place food inside the traps to lure them in. 

7.  Keep Your Home Clean 

Any kind of food spill or food lying in your lawn and garden should be cleaned immediately. If your attic and basement are filled with debris, remove all of it. If you are feeding your pets in the garden, avoid littering pet food, and clear it up straight away if traces are left.  Take out the indoor and outdoor trash on a regular basis and don’t overfill them. The bins should have secure lids so that rats get tired of trying to open them. 

8. Examine your local area

A neighbour might have told you that they are experiencing rat infestation issues. Before they enter your homes, it is advisable to inspect your neighbourhood. The most common place where rats seek refuge is sewers, so there might be a possibility that rats are accessing the sewerage system to set foot into houses. Rats have also been observed to make their way through toilets. Drain pipes and drainage outlets should be checked if they are working and should be repaired if they are broken. 

9. Minimise the accumulation of moisture.

Rats need a lot of water to quench their thirst or even survive for that matter! Rats often find an accessible source of water in your home, such as a pipe with leakage, areas with rain collecting in small pools, damp places such as sinks, basement, or open water hoses lying in the garden. Don’t let water collect in and around your property and make sure to keep the areas in your home less damp.

10. Call Professional Help from Rodent Pest Control Perth company

If you haven’t followed all these steps to prevent rats from setting foot into your home, they will take no time to create chaos in your property. There’s no choice but to bring Rats Removal Perth treatment into your life. Their extensive approach and prompt services can help you get rid of rats instantly. DIY remedies are useless and use up a lot of your time and effort. Taking expert help from Pest Control Perth company will remove all your stress from life. 

Follow These Tips to Live a Rodent-free Life! 

Safeguarding your home from a rat infestation is very important in maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment. By implementing the 10 strategies outlined in this blog, you can significantly reduce the risk of rats taking over your home. From sealing entry points and maintaining cleanliness to using traps and seeking professional help from Rat Removal Perth company when necessary, these proactive measures will not only protect your property but also prevent potential health hazards associated with rat infestations. Staying vigilant in your efforts to keep rats at bay will ultimately lead to a safer and more pleasant living space for you and your family. In addition to these preventive measures, it’s important to emphasise that rat control Perth services are often required to effectively address existing infestations, as these professionals have the expertise and tools necessary to safely and thoroughly eliminate rats from your home.