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As an owner or a tenant, you can hire Enviro Safe Pest Control technicians to get quality white ant treatment Perth services near you. We are available 24×7 to provide emergency white ant removal solutions where we detect and remove their infestations. Call us at 08 6244 4277 to save the stability of your homes, offices, and commercial buildings at the best rates!

Sometimes termites are referred to as white ants, which is a subject of a common misconception. In truth, there is no difference between both, as they typically consume wooden, fibre and cellulose materials. Such activities ultimately cause millions of dollars worth of damage to properties annually, but you can save yourself from it!

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    Top Signs to Detect White Ant Infestation!

    The chosen suitable habitat for white ants is anywhere with moisture, like inside furniture or deep inside the foundation of your property. Hence, please look for the mentioned signs on your premises to learn when removing them sooner has become a priority!
    Here’s how you can confirm their presence around you

    Why DIY Solutions Are Less Ideal?

    The lack of awareness regarding using over-the-counter solutions or DIY procedures for removing White ants is a serious concern. Only a few people understand that incorporating the use of such substances can cause critical health hazards.

    The danger to health also extends to pests, children, customers, clients and anyone exposed to cheap solutions’ harmful chemicals. Besides causing allergies and respiratory issues, those chemicals also harm your property and assets inside it. Hence, obtaining Perth White Ant removal services from reputed technicians that use eco-friendly solutions is widely advised.

    Hazardous Impact:

    White ants pose hazardous effects on your household objects. Any cellulose items or wooden structures are eaten away by termites. Also, the wooden materials and leaky foundation become the nests of white ants. The infestation of white ants does not make a person sick, but your house fall sick when these pests breed in the objects of your home.

    Why Choose Us For Pre-Purchase White Ant Treatment in Perth?

    Our team will never endanger your safety while we provide a zero-hassles service experience. We guarantee customers satisfaction as we use only pet-safe and child-safe ant removal methods. Our Pre-Purchase white ant pest control Perth services are also accessible in the suburbs and to anyone that is a tenant, landlord, organisation, or business owner!

    Stop White Ants From Affecting Your Things:

    Some actions you can take by yourself. Get some useful guidance from the pest professionals to prevent white ants from marching towards your flat. These professional tips are much better than the home remedies.

    Prevention Tips by White Ant Examinator!

    Our certified White Ant Inspection Perth examinator team is trained to discover the causes of infestation and apply suitable treatments followed by safe prevention methods. So, here’s what our White Ants removal technicians and examinators advise to keep infestations at bay

    Opt for white ants inspection Perth services to avert white ants from consuming your stuffs

    If you are seeing mud tubes for the first time and you are wondering what is there inside the mud tubes, then you should be aware that white ants live inside the tubes. Before your property gets consumed by white ants, you should schedule a pre-inspection to protect your house.

    Our White Ant Control and Treatment Service Procedure

    Handling the removal of white ants is our ethical responsibility, demanding caution, alertness and diligence. So, you can remain assured that we will adhere to our safety protocols that always protect you. Hence, we perform the white ant treatment procedure in four steps
    Be Familiar With Species of White Ants
    Before starting the “white ants inspection Perth” procedure in your place, you will be provided some knowledge on white ants which will make you know termites in a better way. The species of white ants are categorized into four types such as dampwood termites, drywood termites, formosan termites and subterranean termites. Although the termite species appear to be similar in shape and size, their foraging sites seem to be different. The nesting sites and feeding objects of four types of white ants vary according to the need of the pest.
    Top Level Of pest control white ant Inspection
    The termite inspection Perth procedure mainly focusses on the inspection part. The inspectors are well trained in their inspection job. Hence, they will use their expertise in a better way while carrying out the inspection. The able inspectors might take up a top level of inspection after assessing every object and infestation spot.
    Insured And Guaranteed Inspection
    Before carrying out treatment plans on the requisite breeding places, the pest exterminators will start off the extermination process with specialized white ants inspection Perth services. The inspectors will keep in mind the rules and perform the inspection according to the Australian standards. The licensed team of inspectors will obliterate the existence of white ants from your living territory.Call 08 6244 4277


    The usual cost is a couple of hundred dollars to inspect and remove white ants in Perth. But, expect it to rise based on infestation levels and property size.
    Professional white ant removal experts advise that you should never attempt to treat white ants yourself for safety reasons. It is because doing wrong property modifications or using cheap but harmful chemicals poses severe risks to your life.
    It may be possible that some house insurance providers may offer coverage for white ants damages. However, please confirm the same with your insurance provider before obtaining it.
    Termite treatment may include simple baiting or excavating a trench to create a barrier to termites. There are different types of termite treatment: liquid-soil termiticides; termite baits; termiticide-treated wood materials; and termiticide-treated building material.
    It is impossible to eliminate termites permanently, but you can do a few things to keep them at bay. Coat your wooden items with paint, fix water leakage and keep your surroundings dry.
    Obtaining white ant treatment from a reputed pest control team using eco-friendly solutions can last between 3-5 months. Getting regular white ant pest control is therefore advised for your safety.
    Root removal or destruction of wood or mulch piles can reduce their numbers and make White Ants less likely to come to your home.
    Combine equal amounts of white vinegar and water and wipe down kitchen counter-tops, cabinets, and other areas where you often see ants. Continue to do this throughout the day. The vinegar solution is a bad smell for ants. It also eliminates any scent trails. It is not hard to get rid of white ants
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