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Enviro Pest Control provides affordable Bee Removal Perth solutions for residents and businesses in the area. Our team of experienced and certified technicians can identify the different bee species and safely extract them away from your premises. Call us at 08 6244 4277 to get 24×7 Emergency Bee Control Perth services!

Bees differ significantly from other pests and aren’t usually aggressive like most. However, their sting can be lethal, especially the carpenter bees, which can get as large as 24 mm. Since over 2000 species of bees are found in West Australia, it is necessary to get bee removal services Perth sooner than later.

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    Critical Health Concerns of a Bee Sting

    Getting stung by bees can be incredibly painful and could require extensive medical treatments. Typically, irrespective of the species, the following concerns arise when someone gets stung by a bee

    Can I Remove Bee Swarm Myself?

    No. We recommend you book an Bees inspection with Enviro pest control Perth when you spot a bee near your office or home. By engaging with a bee or its hive, you expose and risk yourself to critical dangers and health hazards.

    Enviro Safe Pest Control provides complete pest removal solutions, especially in an emergency. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you in removing undesirable pests and rodents from your property. Our staff will visit within an hour to check the property and advise you on possible pest control treatments.

    Bees Infestation Prevention Tips

    Bees are nomadic by nature, even when they dwell at places for a limited time. Usually, they could be found in attics, garages, tree branches, broken walls, and other recluse places.
    For the most part, a bee hive will move out or go away on its own, with its bees relocating to a different place. Still, you must use the following tips to help prevent their infestation to avoid getting stung.

    Our Bees Control & Removal Treatment Methods

    The commonly found bees near Perth areas are honey bees, carpenter bees, sweat bees, bumble bees, mason bees and mining bees. While they each possess their dangers and challenges, we first perform an inspection to quantify the best solution. Thereon, we can drive them away using the following licensed methods
    Exterior Spraying
    This method will involve spraying the surfaces of your entire property with a powerful eco-friendly solution. Its purpose is to act as a deterrent to bees.
    Dust Treatment
    The dust particle treatment is usually performed on the outdoor areas of the pest infestation site. Its application will keep the pests from dwelling.
    Bait Treatment
    This treatment involves using a unique bait available only with our licensed technicians. It works by attracting bees to a specific spot while the nest is removed.
    Gel Treatment
    The gel is used in cases when the bee hives have infested a broken wall or similar structure. It will be applied on the notches or the edges of the wall and is family-safe.

    Our technicians will offer suitable recommendations to you, your family members, co-workers, and staff to prevent bee intrusions. Ultimately, a combination of these methods with our advanced techniques helps beehive removal service in Perth in residential and commercial premises.

    Our Bees Inspection Areas

    We are a reputed name in the industry for offering no-hassles Bee Nest Removal Perth services. As a resident, tenant, business owner, or authority figure, you can trust our team to solve your bees near me problems. We only use eco-friendly methods to eliminate bee intrusion from your premises. Our services are affordable and available bee hive removal service in all the areas of Perth and its suburbs.

    Why Choose Us For Bee Removal Perth Services?

    Hiring the best team to obtain Bee Exterminator Perth services and others can significantly impact the outcomes. Lucky for you, Enviro Safe Pest Control only works with certified professionals trained to neutralise the dangers of pests.

    When you hire our Bee removal company Perth, get the following benefits with us:

    Our Procedure of Bee Control Services Perth

    Getting the most value for your buck is always possible when you hire Enviro Pest Control. Our procedure for removing your bee infestation involves following a four-stage process, by whose end you can say goodbye to bees!


    Yes. Beekeepers are known to remove bees and bee hives for free, but it can vary based on your region and bee species. On the other hand, obtaining Bee Swarm removal from them may require you to pay out of your pocket.
    The average cost of bee hive removal is usually a couple hundred dollars or less. Still, removing bigger bee nests may cost a thousand dollars or more which may increase when accounting for the bee species.
    Multiple household methods exist to get rid of bees without killing them, but their effectiveness isn’t scientifically proven. The methods include using mothballs, citronella sprays, garlic or cinnamon sprays, smoke, etc. Alternatively, the best option is to hire a beekeeper to remove them.
    Call bee removal experts near me to get rid of bees who will relocate their hives to the woods safely.
    After removing a bee hive, some bees might return to the location. In such cases, it’s best to call bee removal technicians to handle the situation. Obtaining bee prevention services in such cases can save you from needing to call them again.
    Only a few organisations and beekeepers offer to remove a bee’s nest for free. However, it is recommended to obtain bee extermination services when there might be delays to protect your safety.
    The typical DIY home solutions to make bees go away include growing Marigold flowers and using Citronella candles. Occasionally, placing open vinegar bottles near bees has also been shown to drive them away. But, never attempt these solutions near a bee hive for your own safety.
    The swarm of bees travel between places from time to time. They never stay in one place permanently. So bees may leave on their own. However, avoid disturbing them, and it’s better to call bee removal experts than invite unfortunate incidents.
    Calling a beekeeper can help you remove them for free. But, it depends on their availability and the bee species. In contrast, bee removal technicians can remove all species of bee and their nests from your surroundings within a couple of hours.
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    Enviro Pest Control is a licensed pest removal company whose procedures adhere to Australian Standards. Our bee removal services are available without hidden costs and accessible to residents and businesses in the Perth area and its suburbs. We advise you to avoid getting cheap pesticides that later do more harm than good to health and property.
    Book an inspection with us today at 08 6244 4277 to get safe and easy quick bee hive removal near me service! We can also help you get a free bee removal near me solution by calling beekeepers on your behalf!