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Bird Mites Pest Control Perth

  1. Bird Mites information:
  2. Sign of Bird Mites Infestation?
  3. Health Concern Due to Bird Mites
  4. Common Bird Mites Species in Australia
  5. Inspection & Areas we will cover to control Pest Infestation
  6. Can I Do Bird Mites Treatment Myself?
  7. Customer Awareness
  8. How much it will cost for Bird Mites Pest Control Treatment?
  9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Bird Mites Information:

Bird Mites are commonly found where Birds like Sparrows, Pigeons and Poultry and around their nests. Couple of weeks later once the bird have left their nest then Bird Mites can infest your property in search of blood meal from humans. Bird Mites bites are very irritative. It is often noticed that people mistake bird mites for bed bugs. To give you a clear idea, bird mites are the toxic insects, which live on a number of bird species. Mainly, the bird mites tend to attack domestic birds and suck their blood to suffice their hunger. When bird mites fail to get their blood meal from birds, they invade people’s homes hunting for blood from humans. The nasty critters tend to grow in humid conditions and are very much active in summer and spring seasons.

Sign of Bird Mites Infestation ?

  1. They can cause very bad irritation, itching, and reddish spots, swelling on the skin cause by their saliva.
  2. They are not associated with any kind of infectious disease transmission.
  3. They are very difficult identify as they are parasites and can be mistaken as Bed Bugs Bites.
  4. The pesky mites are capable to crawl on the ceilings, bedding and on the walls.

Health Concern Due to Bird Mites

Bird Mites as the harmful creatures give birth to severe irritations. The pesky mites are capable to crawl on the ceilings, bedding and on the walls. The mite stings can cause rashes and swelling on the surface of the skin. The stings can be hazardous for the victim’s health. When you are dealing with parasite like Bird Mites infestation for any period of time you realise that mental stress is more difficult to deal with than the physical pain.Feeling of discomfort on the skin. Upon severe scratching on the wound, one can have secondary infections, Red patches on the targeted area of the skin.Pinprick bites, with frequent intense itching sensation and lack of sleep can cause of mental health issues.

Three common Bird Mites Species found:

  1. Household mites
  2. Chicken mites
  3. Northern fowl mites
  4. Tropical fowl mites

Inspection & Areas we will cover to control Pest Infestation

  1. Through visual inspection: – The technician will do throw inspection of your property internal, external and to the infected areas.
  2. Exterior Surface Spray: – Our technicians will spray and treat your entire property perimeter from outside with the industry standard products.
  3. Dust Treatment: Dust treatment will be applied on infested areas such as roof, crack and crevices, subfloor etc. (If applicable).
  4. Baiting Treatment: – Our Company use special bait which one is only accessible to licensed holder technician. Which deliver the best result to solve Pest Infestation.
  5. Gel Treatment: – We use gel treatment, which are safe for your Kids & Pets and deliver the high-end results. This is one of the unique techniques we use where applicable.
  6. Recommendations by Technician: – After complication of each job our experienced technician will recommend the simple changes for long-term solution, which can be achieved by following his instruction.

Can I Do Bird Mites Treatment Myself?

Using over the shelves products will not bring the desire results when you are dealing with Termite Infestation at your most valuable assets. Technicians from Termite Pest Control Perth deals with Termite Treatment on daily bases and are experts in the industry. We follow the Australian Standards and don’t take any short cuts when dealing with Pest Treatment.

Customer Awareness:

Cheap prices sound good to your pocket but not to your pest infestation. A lot of customer use over the shelves product and try to do it them-selves and after wasting their time and money then Call our company. Beware of untrained, unlicensed and uninsured so called Pest Controller. Our company put high-end efforts to keep on upgrading our techniques and products. Our company is very conscious regarding Environment awareness and try to use as much as Enviro Friendly technic .

How much it will cost for Bird Mites Pest Control Treatment?

Ring the company and discuss regarding your pest infestation as every property and pest infestation are different from each other. Our technician will customise the treatment according to your pest infestation. Call 08 62444286

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Q. Do we need to leave the house?
  2. A. Until and unless you have some serious health issues or you are pregnant, or having newborn baby you don’t need to leave the property.
  3. Q. Does it leave any Smell, Stain and Odour?
  4. A. No, we use high-end products, which doesn’t leave any Smell, Stains and Odour.
  5. Q. How much time it takes for the treatment?
  6. A. A. Normally it takes minimum of 1 hour but still it depends on different circumstances such as weather, size of property and kind of pest we are dealing with.
  7. Q. How we can make the Payment?
  8. A. After the complication of job, technician will provide you with an invoice and you can make the payment either by Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque and Pay through EFTPOS machine which will incure 2% surcharge on the total amount of the invoice.
  9. Q. How soon can you do the treatment?
  10. A. Our Technicians are committed for helping you as soon as possible. In most cases, we can respond the same or with in 48 hours.

Please CONTACT Bird Mites Pest Control Perth on 08 62444286. We will REACH you soon.