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Beetles Pest Control

  • Beetles information
  • Prime concerns
  • Beetles symptoms
  • Common Beetles species found
  • Can I do myself?
  • What we will do?
  • How and where we will do it?
  • Things you must know
  • Cost required for Beetles treatments
  • Frequently asked queries

Beetles Information:

Have you ever come across beetles? If yes, then you must be well aware that cockroaches and beetles almost appear to be same. How can you identify beetles? If you notice the adult beetle, you will get to see a well-developed shell-like wings and antennae. Mostly, beetles are usually round or oval shape with various sizes and colors. Having noticed carefully, you will find the eggs of beetles around your food containers. If you are fond of gardening, then you need to protect your plants from beetle attacks. There are other hassles caused by the malicious creatures which you will come to know in the later part of the article. Do not allow the beetles make destruction to your animals and plants. Seek immediate professional assistance from the pest control agency to safeguard you and other living beings from harmful effects.

Major Concerns:

  • Beetles infest on animal fibres.
  • Beetles wreck havoc in agricultural crops and other plants and flowers of your garden area.
  • Beetles invade on bamboo and hardwood-based objects which pose a threat to the furniture objects made of wood.
  • There are certain types of beetles which infest on food items, making the eatables contaminate.
  • A population of beetles is potential to destruct the food storage areas.


  • Contamination of food items.
  • Destruction in the lawn and garbage zone.
  • Fabric-based items get spoiled by beetle attacks.

Common Beetle species Found:

Carpet beetles, powderpost beetles, flour beetles, grain beetles, June beetles, elm leaf beetles, lady beetles and ground beetles are some of the common beetles found in all seasons.

Can I Do Myself?

Rooting out the pesky insects is not a cakewalk. If you try out home remedies and other do-it-yourself methods to eradicate beetles, the success rate will be low because it is not easy to eliminate beetles by yourself. Get in touch with the trained pest professionals of the accomplished pest control agency to obtain the requisite pest services for all of your beetle-related hassles.

What We Will Do?

The pest experts will keep beetle invasion in check by way of effective inspection technique and solutions designed for the specific type of beetles which invade in your living space. By proper assessment and implementation of pest techniques, you will see a positive result within few days of pest application.

Things You Must Know:

Ensure to have pest services from a licensed pest provider. Steer clear of the pest technicians who have minimal knowledge and expertise. The best way is to approach the trusted pest agency to get the result you want.

Cost Required For Feetle Treatments:

Opt for a free quote and reap the benefits of cost-effective pest treatment plans.

Frequently asked queries:

1) Do you use harmful products?

No. The pest products used are free from harsh chemicals. Hence, the pest products can be applied on all living and non-living beings safely.

2) What is the duration covered to treat beetles?

To carry out the procedure effectively, the pest technicians will require minimum three steps to make the treatment plans more effective.

3) Any additional services?

The useful technical advices are given to the clients to forestall future hassles of beetles.

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