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Even if you admire Mickey Mouse or Jerry, rats can be deadly and spread a number of illnesses. Our homes are ideal for them since we provide everything they require: shelter, food, and water. But they need to be removed one way or the other!
These filthy animals not only spread sickness and pollute your meals, but they also cause damage to your property. A rat infestation causes water damage and house fires in many homes. Dealing with a mouse infestation is easier said than done since you must put your phobia of rats aside to deal with them.

Hence, why deal with them on your own when Enviro Safe Pest Control can provide professional rodent removal Perth service? We provide our customers with highly effective and reasonably priced rat removal services.

On average, hiring a Perth rat exterminator for the removal of rat infestations in your home will cost you upto $250. It could be as low as $200 if the rat is easily caught.

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    Types of Rodent Seen in Perth

    Rat and mice infestation is prevalent in Australia, with over sixty species now identified. The following are commonly found in homes and offices among the sixty species. They are pretty effective in surviving in our homes due to their capacity to eat a range of food, their small size, and their short breeding cycle.

    Commonly found rodent species in Perth includes

    Norway rat
    These brown-coloured rats have a lifespan of 9 to 12 months. This animal is stockier, heavier-bodied, bigger, and more aggressive than its rodent cousins.
    Roof rats
    They are known to make their nests in roof spaces and structures because of their exceptional climbing ability. They are black to light brown and are thought to have originated in India. They live for an average of 9 to 12 months.
    House mice
    Appearing brown or grey, house mice are among the most harmful and destructive pests. They transport and spread viruses, germs, and other illnesses. They have a 12-month lifespan.

    Rat Removal Prevention Tips

    Enviro Pest Control Experts will help you keep your property safe at all times. Our skilled rat and mice exterminators Perth want the best for you. As a result, we provide the following rodent removal Perth tips, which you can quickly implement to achieve peace of mind.

    Why Choose Enviro Pest Control for Rat & Mice Treatment?

    Choosing our rat removal service will provide you with various free perks. Our affordable rat pest control Perth treatments use environmentally friendly solutions like tamper-resistant bait stations for trapping mice. We offer hassle-free same-day dead rat removal Perth services with assured outcomes.

    Hire Enviro Safe Pest Control mouse catcher in Perth to get the following additional benefits

    Personalised Rat Removal Services

    Enviro pest control specialists are prepared to eliminate a rat and mice infestation or to future-proof your home against rodents. You can choose the pest control treatments you desire when you require them and just pay for what you need. Anything else is our professional courtesy to keep your community safe.


    Our staff will never request special accommodations or giveaways on or off work. We arrive with all of the necessary equipment. Book a free rodent inspection with us and just pay for what is essential.

    Industry Professionals
    Untrained workers may cause damage to your furniture or other personal belongings while performing rat removal. Enviro experts, on the other hand, will employ innovative technology to avoid any damage. Trust our industrial experience in rat pest elimination to deliver your desired results.
    Complete Rat Pest Control Company

    Enviro pest control Perth provides complete rat pest removal solutions, especially in an emergency. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you in removing undesirable pests and rodents from your Perth property. Our staff will visit within an hour to check the property and advise you on possible pest control treatments.

    Our Effective Rodent Rat Removal Perth Procedure

    An average rat infestation may be far more severe than you think. Thus, hiring Enviro Pest Control is your best bet for avoiding disastrous consequences. As a result, our rat removal Perth approach will follow the stages outlined below to address the issues at their source.

    Roof Rats Control Perth

    People tend to ignore the pest infestation issues and they get stuck in all the worldly problems like health issues and wealth damages. Most of the people try to control with self-efforts if the pest infestation is on a smaller scale but these matters are very sensitive as they involve the participation of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

    The pests like rats, rodents and other creatures easily enter the premises and try to create a mess at a greater level. These creatures are very venomous and have the latent to harm you, your kids and the pets you keep on your premises. Here you have a safer option to call the Pest Control Perth and manage the pest infestation. The Environ pest control is the leading firm which provides Pest Control Rats In Roof services at very reasonable prices.

    The team of professionals from this service provider holds the necessary experience in managing the pests like rats. They effectively perform the Roof Rats pest control and try to manage every condition professionally.
    Rat is the hideous creatures which have the capability to disturb your living, damage the food also with the expensive property. They enter your premises from holes and other weak points and try to create their homes in roofs and other unreachable parts at your homes and offices.

    Rat Dropping

    The dropping of the rats is a direct sign of their presence. If you find droppings in the corner of your homes and offices, then it is a clear sign that you are under the attack of rat infestation. Rats will leave the droppings every place where they go through. In this situation, you can apply baiting methods like traps and even hire the technicians from the pest control Perth.
    Troubling sounds at night
    Another sign of rat infestation is the troubling sounds at night. They eat, crawl and chew the food and also the wires of the important electrical items. These sounds can only be heard at night because these creatures are nocturnal in nature and perform all their activities at night. If you hear these sounds then it’s for sure that you are under the influence of roof rat infestation.
    Bits of waste material at your home
    Rats are those pests which have sharp teeth and ted to eat everything that comes in their way. They collect these waste materials to create their nests and make the place warm for their inhabitancy.

    Hiring such Rodent Control / Mouse control Perth providers can be a wise step and these technicians are proactive 24/7 and available to deliver emergency services. They are prepared to fight the pest issues at the time you register your complaint. For this, you just have to make the call on their helpline number and get your complaint registered for the same. They will inspect every single corner of your homes and locate the rat infestation areas. They are prone to apply organic methods to catch and kill the rood rats effectively. The team will also guide you effective home remedies with the signs of rat infestation.


    When you set quality bait, the mice eat it, and you effectively get rid of the rodents in your home. However, once the bait is gone, nothing is left to secure the residence, and any mice returning may begin recolonising the property.
    A single rat is an indication that they are not alone. Our services begin at a minimum of $90.
    Rats multiply and look for new locations to live. As a result, you must follow all the precautions our pest control professionals recommended. This will keep rats away from your home for a long time and keep your house and property rat-free for the foreseeable future.
    Enviro pest control can provide Perth rodent eradication for less than a couple of hundred dollars.

    Hiring specialists and pest control experts are the most effective techniques to get rid of rodents in homes and offices.

    Same-day mice removal treatments are only a couple of hours long. Emergency rat removal methods take even less time to make your premises secure from rats.
    Rat Traps are one of the cheapest ways to get rid of ratsother than strategically placed bait stations
    Although traps are the most common, mice canbe removed in severalother ways. But, Traps that have been put up all around the house with bait offer statistically better results. So, we’ll set up traps and use bait stations to attract mice.
    Professional rat removal Perth services can cost $90 to $200 nationwide, with homeowners paying an average of $165.
    Enviro rat pest control services inspect your property for damages and the severity of infestation. After deciding on an acceptable treatment plan with your approval, the professionals will remove them from your premises.

    Avail the Best Rats Control Services in WA

    It is important to know that rats damage a lot of household articles and spread numerous rats carried diseases. It is more important to know that Rats Control Services in WA are very much necessary.Rats belong to the rodent category of animals. Rats and other rodents are also considered pests that pose potential threat to many human activities, and human health as well. Rats are common and known to people of all countries. Rodents are known as warm-blooded mammals.rats control services Similar to humans, they can be traced throughout the world. They are usually found with extra-large front teeth for gnawing and check teeth, which are adapted for chewing. Rodents chew on a variety of items available to them and cause great damage in and around homes. Out of all rodents, rat is the most common and most mischievous in spreading diseases and damaging documents, wires, pipes, and plastic made machineries. Without Rats Control Services in WA, both domestic and commercial places will grow as dens of rats. This will make the living places worse than ever and business places bitter for every employee. Rats, once populated over an area for quite a few months or years, are difficult to control. Habitats of rats infested places must be careful about safety of their belongings, foods, and household equipments. Pest Control Services offered by reputed agencies like Enviro Pest Control are therefore necessary to implement for driving away rats from your place. It is not a matter of fun, nor is a matter of joke that rats can spoil our life in many ways. Without a professional measure in controlling rats, no household or any commercial place can be safe from rats. Pest management is strongly focused on identifying their existence, nature of infestation, and how much they have spread. All these are necessary to decide what kind of control service will be the most appropriate. Rats control and removing programs therefore need extra effort from the victims’ end as well as from the controllers’ end. Check out if the products for pest control are environment friendly and harmless to pets and human.

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