Here at Enviro Safe Pest Control, we can give you the best pest solution to control pests at your place.

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Pest Control Perth

Make your Perth homes and offices Pest-Free by removing insects, rats, wasps, bees, etc., that intrude in your space. Enviro Safe Pest Control can protect your property against all types of pest infestations without breaking your budget.

Our Same Day Pest Removal services can also be hired to remove pests from commercial properties in Perth and its suburbs. Call 08 6244 4277 to book an inspection and obtain the best discounts on our Complete Pest Removal Services!


Our Process for Pest Control Services in Perth

Eliminating pests from your premises can be challenging for various reasons like accessibility, weather, and so on. But at Enviro Safe Pest Control, our trained and qualified technicians adhere to a standard protocol to remove them effectively. Our Pest Removal in Perth Services follows a four-stage procedure to ensure quick results and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our Same Day Pest Control Perth Services

Enviro Pest Control is honoured to be recognised in the Perth communities for providing dependable pest removal services. Our thousands of happy clients and customers, with their positive reviews, are a source of joy for us. The following are among our well-known quality pest removal services

ant pest control
We remove all species of ants, big and small, to save you from sickness they may cause and property repairs.
Bees Control Perth
Get trained technicians to extract the bee hive near you before it’s too late!
Cockroaches control Perth
Eliminate these buggers from your property without exposing your dear ones to toxic odours with us.
Mice control
Did you know mice are among the top three causes of House Fires? Remove them today!
Same Day Rats Removal
Are you willing to suffer a rat problem that brings diseases, mental health issues, and property damage?
Spider control
The quiet Spiders can invite greater dangers to your homes and offices, but not when you have us!
Save the hassle of throwing away furniture and selling assets with a routine Termite Prevention service.
wasp pest control
The wasps are a danger, and their sting is lethal. Be smarter and remove them before they get to you!
Perth Pest Control

Get Affordable services near me for homes and offices with Enviro Pest Control at great discounts!

Why Choose Enviro Pest Control?

Finding a reliable pest control service should be easier than hunting the pests yourself! So hire Enviro Safe Pest Control and choose from our to pay only for what you need! Our team can quickly attend to your pest removal needs and will arrive to inspect the infestation site within the hour.

What’s more, you have a complete say in getting the precise pest extermination you need, whether in an emergency or on the same day! Get the following extra benefits at no cost by hiring Enviro Pest Control technicians.

You must be searching for kids and pets friendly pest control services for your home. Here at Enviro Safe Pest Control, we can give you the best solution to control pests at your place. While our aim is to take care of your home by making it pest free, we continue our research and development on a regular basis. This helps our people to serve you always better than before.

How You Can Perform Pest Control Yourself in Initial Days?

Defending your premises against a full-on pest invasion should be your priority. But taking action depends on the type of pest near you. We do not recommend you to engage with pests directly, but you can do the following things to protect your safety

Pest Information

Whether you spend most of your time in a home or in your business zone, you should see that you are not attacked by pests. The malicious critters slowly creep into your zone to ruin your peaceful life by creating destruction in your property and making you and others sick. Therefore, you should make your residing and workspace free of pests, so that your health and prized property are safe from the hazardous effects of pest infestation. It would be best if you have pest control services once in three months. A regular pest service will help keep pests out of your zone on a long-term basis. If you are thinking about affordable prices, then the good news is that you can receive top-notch pest solutions and treatments at a budget-friendly price. We designed to provide you high standard of pest solutions at a desirable rate.

Sign of Pest Infestation
There are several places where pests can hide and their hidden areas will be out of your sight. As a result, you do not come to know the infestation signs. A few infestation signs such as greasy marks on the wall, pieces of rubber-based items near electrical wire, poops of insects on the kitchen cabinet, spider webs on the ceilings, mud tubes on the outer portion of your residence, a large honey comb on the outer structure of your office building and so on.
Health Concern Due to Pest
Pests are the culprits which give birth to countless diseases. People get inflicted to diseases depending on the species of pests which have breeded in their zone. The contaminated food items can make you succumb to dysentery and gastrointestinal disorders. Fever, back ache, stomach ache, nausea and inflammation on the skin can be due to pest bites. Allergies and asthma can attack a person because of the infestation of pests.

Inspection and areas covered by us to control pest infestation

  1. A thorough pest assessment will be done by our skilled pest inspectors in your targeted area.
  2. The application of pest solutions in the form of pesticides, repellents and pest products will be applied accordingly in the suspected locations.
  3. The specialized “affordable pest control” services consist of effective dust treatments, bait treatments, surface sprays and gel treatments will be used at the necessary infested spots.

Why It is Necessary To opt for Professional Pest Control Service?

Pest control services are a dime a dozen but not all offer safe procedures or follow industry standards. In contrast, when you get professional services, the property damage is kept to a minimum while driving away the pests. Another prime benefit of working with honed technicians is that they can protect you from pest contagion.

Customer Awareness:

When you will run your eyes over the pest websites, you will come across numerous names of pest agencies which will claim to give best services to its clients. 

Instead of falling into the trap of rogue pest agencies, you should use our pest treatments which are fully licensed and authentic. Our pest agency has years of experience in delivering top-notch pest services to the clients of Perth.

Common Pest Species in Perth

There are endless pests survive on earth. In Australian locations, you will encounter with spiders, ants, bees, bed bugs, wasps, ticks, termites, rats, moths, beetles, cockroaches, fleas and flies.

How Enviro Pest Control is Different from Other Companies?


The landlord is responsible for making the expenses for pest control before the tenant moves in. However, when the latter causes the pest infestation, it’s the tenant’s responsibility to obtain pest control at the end of the lease.
The entire pest control procedure usually takes only a couple of hours. So, the ideal time to go back in is an hour after the treatment. When technicians use organic compounds, it’s safer to get inside sooner.
For any pest removal treatment, be it termite removal or cockroach control, its effect can last between 3 to 5 months. But Enviro Pest Control solutions should offer you relief from pests for a longer period as its technicians will offer you extra pest prevention tips.
Using organic compounds when performing pest control should make it safe for kids and pets to return to the house. In specific cases like spraying, the technicians may ask you to give it half an hour or so before you can enter. It is so that the spray can settle.
The average cost of getting pest control in Perth is anywhere between $300 to $700.You do not have to spend much on the pest treatments offered by our pest agency, as the pest treatments can be available at a cost-effective rate. Talk with our pest professionals to receive a free quote on pest services. Enviro Pest Control can save you extra. Our affordable rates and customisable services offer you the best of both with guaranteed same-day results.
Until and unless you have some serious health issues or you are pregnant, or having newborn baby you don’t need to leave the property.
No, we use high-end products, which doesn’t leave any Smell, Stains and Odour.
Normally it takes minimum of 1 hour but still it depends on different circumstances such as weather, size of property and kind of pest we are dealing with.
Obtaining pest control ensures that the pests like wasps, termites, etc., are exterminated well enough. Such procedures also involve sealing their entry and exit points, eliminating invasion causes, etc., all to prevent future infestations.

Obtaining regular pest control is the best decision for both residents and businesses in Perth. So, getting pest control services monthly or every three months is more beneficial than its alternative.

It is usually a good practice to obtain pest control in summer because most pests become active from hibernation during this period. Otherwise, any other season is also ideal because ants, cockroaches, etc., can infest a home any day.
A proper pest control treatment should last you well enough for a couple of months, but it also depends on the property type. For cafes, malls, shops, etc., pest control solutions should be obtained monthly to prevent infestations.

Saving the nature is always on the higher priority for every being. Everything that you have to date is all because of nature and it’s your firm duty to save the planet earth from all these calamities. High usage of the chemicals and other harmful and toxic products can be very dangerous for the humans and the surrounding environment. While dealing with the pests, most of the service providers use a high degree of harmful chemicals to eliminate the pests. But engaging with the safe pest control Perth provides you with an opportunity to get rid of the pests n an eco-friendly way. The teams will manage the pest management with the best possible organic ways and try to get rid of them at the earliest.

After the complication of job, technician will provide you with an invoice and you can make the payment either by Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque and Pay through EFTPOS machine which will incure 2% surcharge on the total amount of the invoice.
Our Technicians are committed for helping you as soon as possible. In most cases, we can respond the same or with in 48 hours. Please CONTACT Enviro Pest Control Perth on 0404368476. We will REACH you soon.
Instead of handling pest services by yourself, you should schedule an appointment with our licensed pest servicemen to receive professional pest treatments. Our pest officers and pest technicians have adequate knowledge on the application of right pest treatments at the right spot. The pest professionals will adhere to the rules of Australian standards while applying pest treatments.

Client Testimonials

Sam is one of the most helpful and supportive professionals I have ever met as a trade person. He will go out of his way to assist you and ensure you receive the best advice regarding the most effective pest control methods available. I would thoroughly recommend Enviro & Eco Safe Pest Control Perth without hesitation.

Rose lee

Sam come on the short notice to get rid of the wasp nests in the fence coverings and the backyard. He also notice regarding termite activity in one of the tree in the backyard and fix that also the same day. Thanks for being that aware and professional .

Alex Palomo

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Best Pest control in perth . I am very happy with rat removal services . Highly Recommended for reasturant pest control perth .

Raj Sandhu

Excellent and highly professional in job.

Namrata Khanna

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