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Brown Ant Treatment Perth

  1. Brown Ants information:
  2. Sign of Brown Ants Infestation?
  3. Health Concern Due to Brown Ants
  4. Common Brown Ants Species in Australia
  5. Inspection & Areas we will cover to control Pest Infestation
  6. Can I Do Brown Ants Treatment Myself ?
  7. Customer Awareness
  8. How much it will cost for Brown Ants Pest Control Treatment?

Brown Ant Control Perth Techniques For Not Letting The Stingers To Resurface in Your House

What are those brown ants doing around the raw meat you placed in a kitchen? From where these brown ants have appeared and why do they enter your house? Do these ants sting? Can stings produce pain? Get all answers and solutions from top-rated pest control applicator.

Cut Off The Nuisance Ants:

When you take a walk around the lawn, your eyes fall upon a large colony of brown ants in one corner of the bench. What make brown ants gathered in your lawn? It is the sweet flavor of soil which catches attention of brown ants. The brown ants are widely called as coastal brown ants in Australia. In some other places, coastal brown ants are referred as the big-headed ants. They are mostly spotted in urban zones. If you are not well aware of brown ants, then you should know a few things about these pests. The coastal brown ants are small in size and basically ginger brown in color. The size of smaller brown ants is 2-3 mm in length. The size of adult brown ants is 3.5-4.5 mm in length approximately. These ants hover around oil-and sweet-connected foods. Brown ants can ruin soil in agricultural field and excavate soil of potted plants. You should make a note of calling up the pest technicians to provide “Brown ant treatment Perth” solutions in your residing place. The treatment offered by the pest guys will save agriculture and plants from getting destroyed by brown ants.

Nasty Actions of Brown Ants:

The disposition of soil from the ground is done by brown ants. These pests are skilled in excavating a large portion of soil from the ground. Whether it is the soil from potted plants or agricultural land, the creepy excavators are potent to destruct your garden and fields.

Destroy Infestation Spots:

Getting effective brown ant control Perth services from the certified pest inspectors will prove to be a good deal for your home. The pest inspectors will have a quick round of your place to spot out the infestation sites of brown ants. Having located the breeding spots, the next action of treatment plans will be carried out thereafter. The targeted breeding spots are in the cavities of wall, under potted plants and footpaths, in void of roofs and in vegetation field.

Disease Carried By Brown Ants:

Just like plants, your health, too, can be at stake. Brown ants are mainly outdoor pests. They visit your place only when the necessary food falls short for them. A colony of brown ants brings along germs with them on their bodies and deposit on the materials used by humans. The diseases such as salmonella, dysentery and small pox. The perfect way to get shot of brown ants is to get “brown ant control Perth” services such as eco-friendly ant repellents and ant products which will not allow ants exist in your zone.

Make Brown Ants Inactive:

The only method to make coastal brown ants inactive is to spray the specialized and enviro-friendly surface sprays, bait treatments, gel treatments and dust treatments which come in the package of brown ant treatment Perth plans which aim to alleviate the infestation issues of brown ants and make your lawn and living zone free from the annoying ants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Q. Do we need to leave the house ?
  2. A. Until and unless you have some serious health issues or you are pregnant, or having newborn baby you don’t need to leave the property.
  3. Q. Does it leave any Smell, Stain and Odour ?
  4. A. No, we use high-end products, which doesn’t leave any Smell, Stains and Odour.
  5. Q. How much time it takes for the treatment ?
  6. A. A. Normally it takes minimum of 1 hour but still it depends on different circumstances such as weather, size of property and kind of pest we are dealing with.
  7. Q. How we can make the Payment ?
  8. A. After the complication of job, technician will provide you with an invoice and you can make the payment either by Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque and Pay through EFTPOS machine which will incure 2% surcharge on the total amount of the invoice.
  9. Q. How soon can you do the treatment ?
  10. A. Our Technicians are committed for helping you as soon as possible. In most cases, we can respond the same or with in 48 hours.

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