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The presence of brown ants is common in Perth and other Australian regions, where people also refer to them as coastal brown ants. They are somewhat different from the typical red ants because of their colour, size, and relatively more painful bite. But, regardless of their size, you don’t need to panic when Enviro Pest Control can help you remove them! As an owner or a tenant, you can hire Enviro Safe Pest Control technicians to get quality brown ant treatment Perth services near you.


We can identify and eliminate brown ant pest infestations on the same day from your premises at the best rates. Our certified technicians will use eco-friendly methods to exterminate them without risking your safety. Call us at 08 6244 4277 to book an inspection and obtain customisable brown ant removal near you!

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    Prevention Tips by Brown Ant Examinator!

    Brown ants are stubborn in some ways, but you can perform a few actions to ensure they do not wander near you, your kids or your pets.

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    Envio Safe Pest Control is a reputable name in the industry for removing all species of pests, ants, rats, birds, etc. Our pest removal technicians can identify and distinguish between thousands of organism species to employ correct removal treatments.

    We will never compromise your safety, and our certified technicians will prioritise retaining it while we perform eco-friendly methods to remove the brown ants. Get 24×7 emergency brown ant removal Perth with Enviro Pest Control at no hidden costs today!

    Procedure of Our Brown Ant Control & Removal Perth Service

    Hundreds of happy families and commercial clients appreciate our brown ant control Perth services we provide in four stages. Following them by the book helps us fulfil our promise of offering zero hassles service experience with guaranteed satisfaction.


    You can obtain special oil-based baits from licensed brown ants removal technicians that contain the hydramethylnon compound. Other simpler ways include using ant repellant spray and gels.
    Brown ants are attracted to your house or working space when there are left off food crumbs, spillage stains, etc. Their basic needs include food and shelter, so fixing broken walls or ceilings should also keep them away.
    The best solution for getting rid of brown coastal ants is to hire certified technicians offering ant pest control services.
    Effective Methods to Get Rid of Ants Naturally: White Vinegar, Borax, Pepper, Cinnamon, Fresh Mint, Cornmeal & Boric, Acid, Flour many other options.
    Coastal brown ants don’t necessarily eat wood, but they are known to infest sugarcanes or mildew-affected furniture. Carpenter ants and white ants (termites) are the leading ant species that eat wood.
    Yes. Coastal brown ants can eat termites or white ants. However, often they may not eat the complete colony of termites to prevent the shortage of their food source.
    Combine 10 drops of teatree oil and water, and spray it all over the areas where ants are. This mixture can also be put in cotton balls and placed in areas where there are ants. Keep your pets away from the tea tree oil as it can cause damage to their health.
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