Termites are those pests which faultily affects the human life with their disturbing activities. They feed on the wood and wood made materials and create a huge mess with the same. The cellulose material is the main focus for these pests while they tend to attack the human property. Every single person has to configure a huge monetary loss when they are prone to a termite pest attack.

Unlike any other task, pre preparations assist you in overcoming every single task in the most fruitful way. Similarly, you get the option get the of Pre Purchase Termite Inspection Perth. With this facility, you can pre-plan to protect all your wood articles available at your home and get rid of the termites.

Close up termites or white ant on damaged wood texture

If one manages such conditions then it is hard for the termites to attack your premises as you have already managed with the preventive measures. There are loads of such agencies in the region of Perth where you can avail such services but it’s not sure that you get satisfactory results. Now, engaging with the firms like environ pest control assists you with such decent opportunities at very affordable rates. You can call on their official number of Termite Inspection Services to get yourself registered with the complaint. The team will reach the premises at the time set by you and will perform all the processes in detail.

Termites and their types


Termites are a class of the irritating pests which feed on the starchy materials like wood paper etc. One can easily find these pests on the wooden products like furniture’s, tables, closets etc. they eat up the whole components and especially the paper materials like books, important documents etc. In the earth’s eco-system there are more than 1000 species of these pests which have varied characteristics and dwelling habits. Most of these pests may acquire wings and some crawl with their tiny legs. Featuring the commonest types of termites as:

  • Subterranean Termite
  • Dry Wood Termite
  • Damp Wood termite
  • Desert Termite
  • Formation Termite
  • Conehead Termite

Commonly these pests are also named as wood destroyers of eaters. Despite called with different names, these creatures eat up the entire wood item by weakening their strength. They are slow attackers as you won’t see an immediate sign of their attack and slowly they will eat out every single wood article. But engaging with the Pest management service will teach you necessary tactics or home remedies to overcome these situations manually. These tactics are:

Home remedies to manage with the pests like termites:

Using Boric Acid:

This acidic product is available commonly in every kitchen and is a natural pest terminator. Create a boric acid solution and apply the same to your wood items. This will surely avoid the pest entry in them.

Sunlight exposure:

Sunlight exposure is free of cost yet effective technique to get rid of these pests. High temperatures are not favorable for these pests and they get killed in such situations. Moreover, they will leave the wood and other important components.

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