Must Know Things About Ant Farms

For many years the organized world of ants fascinated humans. There are various things one can learn from observing how an ant colony works. Ant Farms can be open or closed with a lid, they come in various sizes and shapes. Ant Farms are generally made with glass so there is maximum visibility. Most of the farms are built by individuals who are interested in ant colonies or for research purposes. Either way, they give exciting revelations into the complex life of ants. You can approach Ant treatment Perth service providers to deal with ant infestation.

An amateur should avoid dangerous types like harvesting ants and fire ants while making an ant farm. Ants can be collected from dried logs or can be ordered from companies. The easiest way is to use a sweet syrup like substance to attract the ants.

A farm lasts longer when it has one or more queens. Unless they’re ordered, it can get quite difficult to acquire a queen and broods.

The usage of sand or composite depends on the color of the ants used, so that it’s easily visible. Before placing the ants in the farm, make sure that the sand is dampened so the ants can make tunnels.

In an ant farm, ants can be fed food particles, sweet syrups and even dead insects. Ants can stay for a few days without food but without water, they cannot survive.

For an ideal source of water, it’s better to place a cylindrical tube with water sealed with cotton on the top. The farm should always be moist and kept out of direct sunlight.

The farm should be observed regularly to make sure that the water doesn’t leak and flood the entire farm. To prevent the ants from leaving the colony and wandering off outside, the farm should be sealed with a glass lid. The lid should be removed every day to allow air. If placing a lid is inconvenient then the top edges can be smeared with vaseline to prevent the ants from escaping the farm.


There are several things one can learn from observing the working of an ant colony. Although some might find it tedious to have an ant farm in their home. For those who are interested and think it’s worth the effort, they should take certain precautions before attempting to construct a farm. It’s always more preferable to keep ants that are less dangerous or harmless.

Ants can pose danger to human lives, hence it is better to contact Ant treatment Perth service providers as they are the professionals.

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