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Importance of Removing Rats From Residential Areas 

Why is Rat Control Perth Treatment required in Residential areas?

Rat infestations are commonly found in the residential areas of Perth, which is the capital city of Western Australia. The diversified surroundings and the ideal climate make a perfect abode for rats. It is really annoying to find rats on your property. In addition to being unhygienic, they also impact the health of your family as they are known to carry a host of diseases such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonella etc. Therefore, it is required to get professional help from a Rat Control Perth company as they provide comprehensive services and speedy results in removing rat infestation. Let us look at the reasons why rats can be harmful to you and your family and why it is mandatory to eliminate them from your property.

  1. Eating and Gnawing Everything 

These unwanted guests are infamous for completely ruining a home by devouring everything, including wood, paper, books, clothing, and other household objects. Several things might draw rats to your home because they may consume everything people snack on. Cereal, pet food, flour, oats, rice, fruits, and vegetables kept in fragile plastic containers or stored in flimsy cardboard, attract these beasts the most. They may destroy your pieces of furniture by gnawing, leading to heavy damage. This causes a financial strain on the family, as damages have to be repaired. So it’s critical to keep them out of your home and there’s no better solution than taking rat control Perth services.

  1. Contaminate Your Food

If rats find any food source, it doesn’t take them time to devour anything. But they easily transmit dangerous germs through their faeces, urine, and saliva. While walking on the food, they walk through their excreta or urine or leave their droppings there. This leads to contamination of food as bacteria have been passed on through the faecal matter. If any of your family members accidentally eat the contaminated food, they can be seriously ill. 

  1. Host of Infectious Diseases

These so-called unhygienic creatures not only destroy your household items but are also dangerous for your and your loved ones’ health. Because they leave droppings as they move, it doesn’t take them long to spread dangerous microorganisms throughout your home, therefore numerous illnesses have been linked to rats.

If you come in contact with their faeces (poop), saliva, urine and even rat bites, diseases such as Leptospirosis and salmonellosis can be transmitted directly. Salmonellosis is a disease caused by eating contaminated food leading to symptoms such as food poisoning, fever, headaches and nausea. Similar to salmonellosis, leptospirosis is also a bacterial infection contracted by infected food or water.

Hantavirus is another viral illness that is transmitted when dried urine, faeces, or saliva fragments are inhaled by an individual. This leads to respiratory issues as a person can have difficulties while breathing. 

  1. Dangerous Bites

Rats have big teeth and will take no time to bite you if they are being disturbed or in danger. So, don’t try to handle the rats on your own, consider taking rat removal Perth treatment as soon as you spot an infestation.

The bites can be very deep or can have several scratches, while some just have a single puncture hole which can cause bleeding. Rat bites need to be cleaned and disinfected right away to avoid potential infections. It is usually rare, but their bites can cause Rat Bite Fever in humans as well as pets. Rat Bite fever can be caused by two types of bacteria: Streptobacillus moniliformis and Spirillum minus. The symptoms of a rat bite include redness, swelling, bleeding, and pain. If the bite is too deep, it can cause pus-filled lesions. 

  1. Bring Different Pests With Them

Rats can have ticks, mites, or fleas on their body that can serve as vectors for the transmission of diseases. These pests are also borne by various diseases such as tapeworm larva, murine typhus, Australian tick typhus, and Rickettsial disease etc. Your pets, especially dogs and cats are easily prone to ticks and fleas. Their bites can prove harmful for the pets causing deadly diseases. To stop pests from breeding and causing illnesses, contact Pest Control Perth company straight away.

  1. Threat To Your Safety 

Rats nibble through the insulation and even inside the walls, which may cause sparking or even fires which can be dangerous. They will chew through cable insulation, exposing the wires. Particularly in the loft, sparks can cause fires from bare and destroyed wires, where cabling is frequently encircled by insulating material and wood. As nibbling electrical wires is their forte, rats enjoy building their nests in electrical boxes or locations where electrical cables intersect. If these areas get congested due to rat infestation, overheating can happen which can readily start a fire from short-circuit. To protect yourself from these dangers, rat removal Perth treatment should be your utmost priority. 

  1. Generate Unpleasant Odour

Rats emit a foul odour which can be very unpleasant to live with. If rats are scurrying in your home, chances are that their urine might also be lying around. Their urine smells strongly of ammonia, and when it sits for a while, the odour might intensify or become more overpowering to handle. There could also be a dead rat lying around if you smell a pungent odour in your home. Dead rats’ smell has a terrible odour and is also hard to eradicate. The well-trained technicians from Pest Control Perth company make sure that the smell is completely removed from your property by cleaning and disinfecting the area thoroughly leaving your home spick and span. 

Summing Up!

We’ve listed all the reasons why rats are the source of irritation at your home. You’re living in a delusion if you think that you can trap rats by yourself. Noticing more than one rat in your property is you being one step closer to spotting an infestation. Rats are forces to be reckoned with, ignoring them would be the biggest mistake. Taking Residential Pest Control Perth treatment is the perfect solution as their skilled technicians are well-versed in the methods to remove rat infestation from your property. Their comprehensive services include inspecting hard-to-reach areas where rats might have made their home, keeping strong baits to eliminate them and sanitising your home to the T. Rat Removal Perth services are efficient and save up your time and effort from using DIY methods that are pretty much useless.

A Guide to Your Rats Control Options During Winter

Australian winters can be harsh for rats due to the lack of food and the unfavourable cold weather. They usually look for areas where they can easily find food, warm shelters, and water. Rats usually will be found in metropolitan regions seeking shelter in drainage systems, sheds, lofts, ceilings and basements, finding their way to homes quickly. They can easily make rat colonies in your property, creating a lot of inconveniences for you and your family. Being a host of many infectious diseases, these creatures lead to severe chronic symptoms causing harm to you and your loved ones’ health! Getting out of bed in winter is a challenge in itself, and running after these nasty creatures will add to more difficulties. So, to make your winters worry-free, consider seeking professional help for mice removal in Perth.   

How Rats Get Encouraged to Enter Your Home in Winters

Rats keep no stone unturned when it comes to finding a nesting place at your home. They sneakily enter the property, creating troubles for the family members and ruining most of the household items. Let’s look at the places where these tiny creatures can find accommodation in your property.

  • Storing Food Before Starting Their Winter Journey

Rats consume twice as much per day in the winter than in the summer because they require much more food to remain warm. They gather food in large quantities in their burrow or nest to get through the chilling winters. Therefore, stockpiling all the food makes things easy for them as they don’t need to make an outing in the cold. So, keep your food in tight containers and get rid of garbage regularly.

  • Locating a Warm and Secure Shelter

Finding a suitable refuge that offers protection from the cold, wind, rain or snow, and greedy predators is what rats are on the lookout for. Just like you find comfort in your home, rats also find comfort in your home. 

  • Hiding in Sewers 

Sewers are the perfect setting for shelter purposes for rats since they can scavenge for food easily. They offer a safe refuge for rats and are one of the places where you can always find them. As sewers are underground, it also shields them from the cold. As superb swimmers, rats can easily cross sewer systems and even use pipes to access your home.

  • Nesting in Tree Cavities

If you have a garden filled with trees, there might be a possibility that rats may be nesting in the cavity holes of those trees. There can be different sizes of cavities, but they can easily become a home for rats. Additionally, trees might be good food sources for them, making their winters worry-free.  

  • Finding Home in sheds and barns

Rats find their home in any storage space that can provide them with heat. Sheds and barns can be a safe habitat for the rats to make their territory. If you have any material left in the shed or barn, like cardboard boxes, cloth or paper, rats won’t take time to infest and increase their numbers.  

  • Protecting themselves in Garages

Like garages can protect your precious vehicles, the same way rats can protect their loved ones by hiding in the garage. This provides a free entryway for rats into your home. 

  • Sheltering into the basement or attic

Rats have the benefit of being able to burrow through cracks in pipes and windows to enter your basement. Additionally, rats could be storing things and infesting your attic and can easily go unnoticed during the whole winter since attics and basements are so secluded.

  • It is not easy to control the rats by yourself; therefore, taking Residential Pest Control Perth services is the best option to live worry-free winters.

Why is there a need for Pest Control Perth treatment

It is advisable to take practical and high-quality services when it comes to removing rat infestation, as maintaining the hygiene of your place is mandatory to avoid health scares. Pest Control Perth treatment has a customised approach that helps remove these harmful creatures. Let us look at the detailed step-by-step procedure in the rat control Perth treatment–

  • Inspection: To identify any potential entry points, the pest control Perth team conducts a detailed assessment of your property. This thorough inspection is necessary to eliminate rodents from your space. Every entry point should be carefully searched for so that rats don’t enter easily. The information acquired at this stage will decide the specifics of the strategies that can be used further. 
  • Bait Stations: Setting up bait stations throughout your home that are covered with rodenticides is the next step of the Pest control Perth treatment. In order to prevent access, the position of these stations are planned at inaccessible locations. 
  • Prevention: The next objective is to ensure future protection from rat infestation after sanitising your property efficiently. The goal is to close any potential entryways for rodents to avoid them entering your property. You also get a set of post-treatment care guidelines and instructions on how to prevent repeated infestations. 

Prevention Tips to ensure Rats don’t make an entry into your property again during winters

1. The best strategy for reducing the rat population is cleanliness in and around your property.

2. Keep your food in sealed containers. Food spills must be cleaned up, as even spillage can entice the rats into your property. 

3. Routinely get rid of your trash. Garbage should be disposed of properly. 

4. When installing doors on the exterior, add door seals on the bottom.

5. Cover chimneys and vents with screens.

6. Patch up the areas where the pipes are entering and any other fissures or holes you notice. 

7. If you have a pet, don’t leave their food in the open, as rats can easily devour it. Keep in mind that pet food, bird or grass seed, and dog faeces are all food sources that they can consume. 

8. Insert your windows and doors with weather strips to reduce the gaps. Also, keep them closed when not utilising them. 

9. Keep your compost pile clean and tidy, and don’t add any organic food waste to it. 


Winters can be troublesome if a rat infestation catches your eye. They can cause a lot of inconvenience in your life. The rapid increase of rats in your property requires an immediate solution for getting things under control. Rats will give you no option but to call expert services for Rat Control Perth. If you find rat infestation in your company or household, contact Residential and Commercial Pest Control Perth services. Their professional help and tailored approach will work in your favour, as they inspect every inch and corner of your house and remove rats from the roots, leaving your home spick and span.