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Pest Control Perth – Kitchens are the Pests’ Heaven

Despite a lot of pests that are found infesting the kitchens, the ones that are commonly found are ants, flies, cockroaches, wasps, termites, beetles bees, and rats. Besides plenty of food, a lot of factors help the pests to thrive in the kitchens, factors like warmth, moisture, shelter and so on. Read more…

Contaminated food is not craved for

Pests can easily contaminate the food and when such contaminated food is consumed, it leads to food poisoning. Pests are masters in spreading pathogens, all of which are harmful to us humans. To be healthy, it is obvious that one has to keep these pests out of the kitchen at the least. Pests often reside in places where there are piles of dust and debris, sewage and other areas, where it is certain that they pick up the harmful pathogenic bacteria and transport them to the homes and into the kitchens, onto the food. Flies have a practice of vomiting onto the food before they eat, so it is evident that this amounts to the addition of unwanted bacteria in our foods.Pest Control Perth

Rodents like rats are the most annoying, especially in the kitchen. They have to constantly chew or gnaw on things, so they have evolved to chew on almost anything and everything. Besides that, they possess the threat to the hygiene, due to their droppings, fur, urine or saliva, which makes the situation worse. Rats and other dangerous else’s in the kitchen are known to spread diseases such as dysentery and a lot of other food-borne illnesses.

Let the Pests Rest In Peace.

To avoid the infestation of the flies and bugs, use air curtains so it prevents their entry and an electric ultraviolet fly killer in the kitchen to kill any that do manage to get in.

To eliminate rats from your kitchen, try using bait and baited traps or rat poison. Poisons should be dealt with extreme care and only by the trained peopled, hence it is important to call in for a professional pest control service when that is the only way to exterminate the pests. Also, it could get fatal if the poison gets into the food, hence a lot of care has to be taken when dealing with such pesticides.

Food should be kept covered at all times and kept away from the reach of rodents, that is, one a higher altitude. At any cost, food should never be left uncovered. Doors and windows must be checked for gaps and such gaps should be sealed. The doors and windows must also be kept closed. Trash cans or bins must be tightly covered so they don’t attract any more pests.

When any signs of pests are observed, it is a best practice to call in for a professional. They will indemnify the type of pest infestation, the possible cause and also execute ways to exterminate it in the most effective way. Kitchens see a lot of spillages, so all that must also be cleaned neatly before leaving it since that can also attract pests into the kitchen.

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