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How To Eliminate Wasps the Easy Way

If wasps are your concern then you must read further to find out several ways to eliminate them in an easy way.

There are mainly two types of wasps, one that is beneficial to your garden and the other that can give you a lot of trouble. The solitary type of wasps don’t make nests and will eliminate the annoying pests in your garden. The troubling type of wasps is the one you should watch out for are the ones that make your home theirs.Wasp pest control Perth

They can cause damage to your home and are quite dangerous. So here are some easy ways to kill those irritating pests.

Diesel or Kerosene

The best way to eliminate a wasp colony that is underground is with diesel fuel. The toxic fumes will kill them very quickly. The trick to killing them all is to know all the holes the wasps use for their nest.

Once you know their nest and entry points, pour the kerosene or diesel and cover all the entry points. It’s better to have someone with you while doing this. Since the holes are sealed, they can’t escape, and the toxic fumes will kill them before they find a way to come out. You can also contact Wasp pest control Perth service providers to help you out.


For the outside nests, it’s not that difficult although you might have to work at night. Make sure you’re wearing a few layers to prevent any stings. Use a pesticide or raid and spray the entrance so that the wasps will get in contact with the chemicals when they get out. If the nest is at a height, then use a projectile spray. This should help you get rid of wasps in your garden.

Few ways to prevent Infestations

Prevention is the best way to avoid a wasp infestation. In cold weather, all the wasps die except the queen. Queen goes into hibernation during the winter. Once she wakes up she will try and find a new place for her nest.

To prevent wasp infestations, here are a few things you can do.

Make sure that all the cracks and holes are sealed in your home.

Seal garbage bins tightly and keep them at a safe distance from your home.

Clean up all the food scraps and do not leave any residues.

Make sure that there aren’t any sweet smelling things around your home.

Do not wear scented lotions, soaps or perfumes.

Avoid wearing bright colored clothes.

These are a few precautions you can take to prevent wasp infestations but if wasps do create e nest in your property. Try to handle the situation and if it seems too big to handle, then hire a professional pest control service to help you get rid of wasps. Make sure to take preventive measures once the infestation is removed. You can also contact Wasp pest control Perth service providers.


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