How Effectively We Can Control Fleas

Fleas are the pesky parasites which not only make pets’ lives miserable but they also make the life of the pet owners wretched and unhappy. It would become an arduous job for us to control the fleas if we have an inadequate knowledge regarding the life cycle of a flea and the vulnerability of each life stage.

Most pet owners are unable to control the fleas because they don’t have sufficient knowledge regarding every phase of a flea’s life cycle. No single method is sufficient to control fleas because of their intricate and multi-faceted life cycle. Precautions that are effective during one stage of the cycle are ineffective during other stages. Therefore, it is the paramount factor for us to know the entire lifecycle of a flea.

The life cycle of a flea comprises of four parts i.e. egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The total flea life cycle can range from a couple weeks to several months, depending on environmental conditions. The total flea population is made up of approximately 50% eggs, 30% larvae, 15% pupae, and only 5% biting adults.

Adult: Adult fleas consist of hair-like bristles on the body and legs to aid in their navigation through pet hair. An adult flea owns three pairs of legs and the hindmost pair designed for jumping. A female adult flea is very proliferative in nature and can lay eggs.

Eggs: Flea eggs are not sticky and that’s why we may found them in the floor, pet’s bedding and the carpet. Within two days to few weeks’ flea egg hatches and after the completion of hatching, the larva emerges from the egg. The flea egg is non-susceptible to any routine flea treatment program in Perth.

Larva: Larvae are 6.35 mm long, and semi-transparent in nature. Larvae possess small hairs along their body. In order to survive, the larvae often eat flea dirt and other organic debris found in the carpet, bedding, and even on our pet. Depending on the environmental conditions, the larval stage lasts about 5 to 18 days and after that, the larva spins a silken cocoon and pupates.

Pupa: The pupa is the last stage before the flea becomes an adult. The adult flea can emerge from the cocoon as early as 3 to 5 days, or it can stay in the cocoon for a year or more than that. Warmer environment, high humidity, even the vibrations may agitate the pupa so that they can emerge from the cocoon asap.

In order to control fleas, we may use shampoos or powders but they can kill only adult fleas, they are unable to eliminate the egg, larvae, or pupae infestation. Topical sprays are also useful but again they only target 5% of the flea’s life cycle.

So, if we want to successfully extirpate fleas from our houses and pets, then we need to consult with professionals or pest control experts. The fleas Control Perth are the best service providers to protect your pets.

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