Effective Methods for killing Termites


Termites have the capability of decreasing your wood’s durability very quickly. This includes your furniture as well as the structure of your home. It is vital for you to kill any termites that are present in and around your property, especially the ones found in the dry wood. There are several ways to kill termites, here are a few efficient methods.


Some devices which use microwave technology which is very useful for killing termites. The microwaves emitted from the device will boil the termite’s body fluids eventually killing them. Although too much heat from the device can damage the dry wood which is what we should try and avoid.


Electrocution is another effective method that many adopt for curbing drywood termite infestations. There is high voltage electricity generated by the device, and the termites are killed due to electric shock. There are certain precautions, equipment, and procedures that are necessary for utilizing this method. The equipment is generally found in almost every home. You can also approach Termite Pest Control Perth to help you out with Termite infestation.


Fumigation is the process where there are certain chemical gasses which are used to kill the termites. Before starting this process, the wood is covered with a tarpaulin first. The gas is released in that airtight enclosure slowly, Before starting the process, make sure that all the pets are away as the gasses are a huge threat to any living creature on over exposure.


This is very useful for killing termites, also for them to work the insecticides should be injected properly. The injections should be done on holes that are there in the dry wood. The easiest and simplest method is to use insecticides for killing termites.


The coating is very effective to protect dry wood stuff from damage. There are various chemical coatings for keeping termites away. This type of coating will act as a poison for the termite. The termites who to utilize the dry wood structure need to get away from the coating, and this will result in the death of the termites.


There are various methods for curbing termite infestations, many of these methods are used by pest control services. It is better to get a professional to look at the infestation and adopt a certain method for extermination. Since they are experienced, they will know how to handle the infestation without causing any more damage to your property or to your pets. If you do want to do it yourself, make sure to read all the precautions and directions before starting the process. There are several Termite Pest Control Perth service providers that can help you out.

Do try out these methods and let us know if they were useful.

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