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Does Having Bad Hygiene Cause Bedbug Infestations?

People often relate the presence of house insects with bad hygiene, and they’re quite right. Homes that are cleaned on a regular basis and have the trash disposed of carefully will rarely see a cockroach of ant. Unfortunately, your neighbour’s bad hygiene can result in pest infestations in your home. There are various reasons why an insect might enter your home. Some insects might come into your home in search of a new unoccupied habitat while some pests come in search of food and shelter due to adverse weather conditions.

For example, if you live next to a river or a lake it doesn’t matter how often you clean your house and maintain good hygiene because you will have to confront a lot of mosquitoes.

Bed Bugs are quite irritating and can cause a lot of discomfort especially during the night. There is very little connection between bed bug infestations and hygiene directly. Standard hygiene is still useful as you can reduce the extremity of the infestation. It’s very hard to identify a bed bug infestation with the bite marks because bed bug bites are very similar to other insect bites.

There are a few things you can do to keep your home safe from bed bugs. While some may be considered as hygiene suggestions, others are standard preventive measures. If you do not want to take any chance, call the bed bug treatment Perth service providers.

Few Things You Can Do

Inspect furniture, bags, suitcases and clothes that you might have brought from a contaminated place. Look out for bed bugs and signs of bedbug infestations like faecal spots and nests. It’s quite easy to kill these bugs by processing the clothes, blankets and other pieces of clothing in hot water.

Check clothes and baggage of travellers who might come from a potential bed bug infested area.

Get rid of mice, rats, birds and bats because they can bring in bed bugs and other types of insects.

Carefully clean all the second-hand furniture, mattresses and linen. The use of second-hand bedding material is one of the main reasons for bed bug infestations.

  • Make sure to seal any outer cracks in the building.
  • Vacuum your house and maintain a clean environment on a regular basis. Empty the vacuum cleaner away from your house.
  • Wash clothes, linen and bedding material in hot water.
  • Seal holes and cracks using a sealant to prevent nesting.
  • Use a mattress cover with a zipper.
  • Try to avoid using second-hand bedding.

Hygiene is crucial for being in control of your house, but if the infestation gets bigger, then you might need to consult a professional. The bed bug treatment Perth Service providers must be approached.

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