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My name is Justin and I own 14 houses in Perth CBD, Como, South Perth, Manning. I get regular pest control, termite control and termite inspections on all my houses. I recently purchased a house in Como in Perth and found I had every pest in the book. Fleas, bees, cockroaches, and termites. The prices of houses in Perth are scary enough let alone the prices of pest control and termite control treatments.I ended up choosing Enviro Pest Control Perth to pest control my fleas, bees, cockroaches and termites. The Enviro Pest Control Perthman who carried out the work, he seemed no-nonsense straight up and honest. The price was not the cheapest but I am sure the quality was the best. I ended up paying $3800 to the Enviro Pest Control Perth man that was the termite control termite inspections, flea control, bee control and cockroach control. I have no hesitation whatsoever in referring Enviro Pest Control Perth to any one.

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