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Pests are the little creatures that you can find almost everywhere on the earth. They are known to create great hindrances and degrading the environment. Once your home or property is infested by the pest, it can be very difficult to remove them. They are blight to everywhere they go and can harm people, pets, and the natural environment. Bed bugs are one such type of pests that you can find in your home. They are the blood-sucking critters that become active at night and survive in your blood like vampires. If your home gets infested with bed bugs, call the bed bugs control services Perth to remove them.

bed bug control services perth

Bedbugs appearance and habits

Bed bugs are the wingless little critters about 5-7mm in size and brownish in color. They have the same size and appearance of an apple seed. Bed bugs are flat oval shaped before meals but they become balloon shaped after meals. Bed bugs survive exclusively on blood and humans are their favorite prey. But mice, rat, dogs, cats, and canaries are also among their diet sources.

They hide in the seams of mattresses, curtains, furniture, bathroom, handbags, pillows, etc. Bed bugs generally become active at night, when their preys are in deep sleep. Hungry bed bugs can also feed in broad daylight if the situation demands. If you don’t want to become the fodder for bed bugs, contact Bed Bugs treatment Perth. They will use professional techniques to remove bed bugs from your home.

Problems associated with bed bugs

Bed bugs survive on fresh blood from their hosts. They get the required blood by piercing the skin of the hosts and drinking directly from it. Though the bites of bed bugs are painless, it can still call rashes. Bed bugs can carry diseases in their body but chances of them spreading to humans are very less. But if a person is allergic to bed bugs, then they may develop allergic reactions to their bites. Presence of bed bugs is a nuisance nonetheless and can be depressing at times when you can’t sleep because of their bites.

bed bug control

How to identify Bed Bugs Infestation?

If your house is infested with Bed Bugs, you can know with the below signs –

  • You will find broken eggs and eggshells lying around your bed mistresses, floor, furniture or other places.
  • Finding skins sheddings by bed bugs when they go through various life cycles stages from nymphs to adults.
  • Suffering from rashes and itches in the morning or trouble sleeping at night.
  • Stains made from the defecations of bed bugs on the bed sheets, mattress cover etc.
  • Seeing alive bed bugs in your house.

People have suffered from depression, anxiety, and insomnia due to bed bugs bites. To protect your family from this nuisance, you can hire the professionals from Bed Bugs to control Perth. They are an expert in handling bed bugs infestation of whatever level or size. They use eco-friendly chemicals to remove bed bugs from your home. These chemicals are safe for humans, pets, and the environment, so you don’t have to worry about their effects on your kids or pets.

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